Who I am? How the Muci Buci was born?

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I'm Esra from Turkey. I'm an artist and designer. And here we go with more details about Muci Buci :)

From my early ages, I loved every aspect of art. Art became a tool that made me look outward. And I found myself with art. I did hundreds of drawings in my high school days. I studied art at the university. And I did my master's degree in art. And now my Ph.D... I worked as a visual art teacher for two years and then I worked as a research assistant at the university for three years. But these things have never really pulled me into Art as a creator. Art is for me to produce and create new things. But these places did not allow me. I've been thinking for a long time about a business area where I will create new things or bring new designs out. I made some kind of experiments. I loved everything but I was bored with everything that I was doing. Whatever I do I was not happy in the end. It took lots of time to figure out what I am going to do in my life and be happy. And finally, I found myself with Art again. I started to make my own designs. I was capable to make so many different things because of my department that I studied. I start with ceramic. This time it really was something different. There were things that excited me that still attracted my attention even after a very long time. It was ceramics that I enjoyed doing for the first time for a long time. I always loved nature and always wanted to be a part of it. That's why I really liked to make ceramic. I have returned to nature and earth with clay. It was a very interesting and exciting way for me to reshape my creativity and the spirit. I take my inspiration from the Earth. And that's how my story started. While I was in Berlin, the city and people inspired me even more. Every day I was learning more and more. And when I was selling my ceramic jewelry to people and talking to them I realized something. People are buying gifts. Yes, it is true. And it is always so hard to choose the right gift for the people who you care a lot... I was helping them a lot to decide about which designs they should choose. Because we all know that it is not easy. And after a while, I moved to Slovenia. And I was thinking to make something about gifts as I know it is not easy to find some unique and nice gift. So I came up with this idea. I brought together unique and amazing designs of designers from all around Europe. And for sure some of them were my own designs as an artist. But it was so inspiring looking for something new and looking forward to finding another talented designer with unique designs. People loved this idea. They were happy because I offer them many options for picking a present. 

And for sure, how my brand name came out: Muci Buci. Muci is my cat's name and he is very interested in clay, ceramic creations, and art supplies. He always wants to make a game with them and just taking away them from my studio and hide. Since I saw him very interested in my creations I wanted to call my brand name with my cat name who is really interested in my art. Well... This is how I started to create my Art and how my brand came out. Here you go Muci Buci:)Muci

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